What we need to get started…

The papers to be served;
A letter with all the details as listed below, a hand written letter will do;
A photo if possible;
Service Kit Documents if you have them.

You will also need to include… a A4 blank paper listing in clear writing your name, address, email and phone number on it (this is just for our records and won’t be shared) and also include on that same paper the name of the defendant/Respondent or other party being served, the address the process server will be attending and any additional information that may assist in getting your document served such as they are Fifo or not home on a Tuesday etc. if you can also include the Defendant/Respondents employment or alternative address and contact telephone numbers.

A photograph of the Defendant/Respondent (if available) that may be later filed at the Court. This is important in family law matters as the photograph may be annexed to the affidavit of service. It is also important to include a photograph for the process server to identify the Defendant/Respondent if it is believed that they may attempt to deny his/her identity in order to avoid being served by our process server.

Call us or email us to discuss your needs, how to get your papers to us and what we need from you in order to provide excellent results.

You can send the papers to be served to Rockingham Process Servers a number of ways.

You can post it to:

PO Box 5134 Rockingham Beach WA 6969

Some papers can be emailed if they are scanned into from the courts, call us and ask if you can email yours.

Are a fixed price; No extra charges if within our coverage area, attempt fees, search fees or hidden costs.
Urgent service incurs additional $100 prior to payment.
Emergency Services do incur an extra fee, as we will halt all other work in order to satisfy your needs.
Call us directly on 9529 2828 or 0408 863331 for your personal quote!

Direct Transfer, Cash, Credit card by B point.

Call to discuss your needs:  0427 733 663

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